Our digital lives are messy. 🤯

We save information all over the place. Insurance cards, our kid's social security number, our medical details and countless other things are scattered in files, photo galleries, and sticky notes.

Starting with emergency medical details, Lifekey helps you organize the chaos and makes it portable, secure, worry free -- without the need for your batteries or charging.

Emergency? Get help accessing a Lifekey® device here.

No Bluetooth
No Charging
No Subscriptions

The digital you.

Provide instant access to your bio, social links, personal safety and contact info on Lifekey® devices with just a tap.

Meaningful moments.

Check-in with family to let them know what you're up to. There's no creepy tracking — share only when you want to.

Send a drop.

Drop an encrypted message to a friend's Lifekey band and get notified when it's read -- before it disappears!

Find my owner.

Connect a gear tag or Fetch® pet tag to ensure people can return your most prized possessions.

Invisible integrations.

Lifekey® is being embedded into products worldwide providing personalization and safety in everyday items.