Arcade - XS Kids Smart Strap

Regular price $25

By popular request, we've gone extra small with the new Kids Arcade XS Smart Strap. 

Lifekey holds important data and connects you with friends and family with just a tap. Every Smart Straps is waterproof, comfortable, and durable enough for every adventure — even mud puddles! The best part? Smart Straps don't require batteries or charging to work.


  • Extra Small 5.1 inches | 130mm
  • Width .78 inches | 20mm
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  • Store and provide secure access to important info including medical data like blood type, allergies, medical conditions and other relevant data.
  • Tap with your smartphone to let family or friends know when you start/stop an activity like walking, running, sports and more.
  • Device and data are encrypted and can only be accessed by direct "tap" from a smartphone. Designed to be HIPAA compliant. 
  • Contacts are notified whenever data on the device is accessed.
  • Water Resistant
  • No batteries or charging
  • No subscription required
  • Compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS 11 or newer (iPhone 7 and above).