New: Fabric Smart Patch


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Includes:: One iron-on patch


Lifekey® Gear Tags are a smart addition to your favorite items. Put a fabric patch on your pack, jacket, or other garment to help ensure your lost item can find its way back to you!

Unlike Bluetooth trackers, Taps don’t need charging. They don't require an app to scan and last much longer, so you don't have to worry about them dying --- ever. Just attach, assign, and you're done!


- Includes one water-resistant iron-on patch
- High performance adhesive
- 50mm/2 inches diameter
- No batteries required
- No subscription require
- Powered by Lifekey® Tap® OS
- Compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS 11 or newer (iPhone 7 and above).

How it works

How it works for you:
- Tap your tag with your phone
- Add it to your Lifekey account
- Get notified whenever it's tapped

How it works for someone who finds it:
- Tap the tag with their phone
- Receive info that the tag is yours (no app needed)
- Message you that they've found your item


Gear Tags also feature access to your Lifekey® Profile in case of an emergency, through items like ski jackets, helmets, and other equipment.

Attach. Tap. Find.

Put an adhesive on your bike, snowboard, or other equipment or add a fabric patch to your jacket or backpack to help ensure your lost item can find its way back to you!

“A helmet sticker and a smartphone could save a firefighter’s life.”

“A sticker from the Lifekey company will be affixed to the fire helmet of 120 firefighters in the city of Hendersonville.”

WKRN, Nashville

Gear Tags FAQ

  • Is my profile data secure?

    Lifekey® is based on blockchain technology and uses private and public "keys" to manage access to data. Your private key (unique ID) is stored in the cloud and is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Your devices also use unique keys for identification. Lifekey technology was also developed to be HIPAA compliant.

    Will it work without cell service?

    The consumer version of Lifekey requires an internet connection to send/receive information. Data is encrypted and stored in the cloud.

    Is it waterproof?

    Yes, all Lifekey® devices are designed and built to withstand outdoor pursuits, as well as daily use.

  • Does someone need the app?

    There is no app needed to scan and access a Lifekey. Older iPhones (from 2016 and prior) may require an app to scan. iPhone 7 is the first iPhone with NFC capability.

    An app is required to setup your own device or a device you manage.

    Is my phone compatible?

    iOS 11 and iPhone 7 and up are compatible with Lifekey. iPhone 7 was the first iPhone that had the capability to read NFC outside of Apple Pay.

    Lifekey® will work with most Android phones. However, there are a few exceptions that include less popular phones. See this list.

  • Is this a tracking device?

    Lifekey® wearables use passive NFC technology. The wearable generates power to transmit data only when in contact with a smartphone (at approx 1 cm or less). So, devices can't be tracked and data cannot be accessed from a distance without your approval. You can also easily disable any of your wearable devices from the Lifekey app.