5 Reasons Adventurers Love Lifekey

The Smart Strap That Could Save Your Life on Your Next Adventure

1. No batteries, no charging.

Adventure ready. Live life untethered.

- Waterproof
- No batteries or charging
- No subscription required
- Not damaged by magnets

Lifekey wearables use passive NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. The wearable generates power to transmit data only when in contact with a smartphone.

Lifekey is compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS 11 or newer (iPhone 7 and above).

Have peace of mind in an emergency.


2. Easy to set up, use, share.

Setting up Lifekey is a breeze - just download the Lifekey app and create a free account.

Stay in touch with family, friends and pets. Tap your smartphone to let family or friends know when you start an activity like walking, running, sports and more.

Tap when you’re done to let your followers know you’re safe and sound.

Share the moments that matter most.


3. There's no app, just tap.

You only need an app to setup your own personal profile.

Smartphones with NFC capability can scan Lifekeys without the assistance of an app.

The device will load the Public Lifekey Profile Page in an emergency or otherwise.

Control the information you let in.

Control the information you let out.


4. Emergency-readiness.

Designed to be HIPAA compliant.

Lifekey allows first-responders to have temporary, potentially life-saving access to personal safety information in emergency situations.

It can be just as critical in enabling a parent to locate their child or reunite a family with their pet.

Device and data are encrypted and can only be accessed by direct "tap" from a smartphone. Store and provide secure access to important info including:

  • Blood type
  • Allergies
  • Medical conditions
  • Emergency contacts
  • Other relevant data


5. Tech isn't a distraction.

We believe in a future where technology isn’t a distraction, but a benefit to our daily lives.

It’s our mission to help the world untether from their electronics so they can focus on what matters most.

We're building wearable technology that helps you stay connected to friends, family and pets without being distracted by your device.


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Other Features

Multiple Colors or Styles

Lifekey is more than just Smart Straps which already come in 5 colors. Lifekey is an ecosystem of products including dog tags, gear tags, and more.


Lifekey In An Emergency

The Lifekey symbol and ICE white color has been designed to serve as an indicator. When scanned with a smartphone, the device will load the Lifekey Profile and data immediately

Multiple Device Ready

We've designed Lifekey to work as a wearable ecosystem. Every device and Lifekey product is accessible via the Lifekey app.


Control Your Information

If you've chosen to lock your profile, only your basic information will be displayed. The user will need to "Request Permission" to access additional health data.


Size Guide

Size Guide

X-Small 5.3 inches | 135mm (~Youth under 12)

Small 5.9 inches | 160mm (Fits snug on smaller wrists)

Medium6.3 inches | 180mm (Fits most wrists)

Large 7.8 inches | 200mm (For larger wrists or looser fit)

Width: less than an inch | 25mm

30-Day Full Refund Policy

If your Lifekey® device is not to your liking at this point and you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us for a refund or exchange. You may do this anytime within 30 days of the ship date (defined as: “shipping confirmation date” on a confirmation email sent to you).