The Fetch Strap That Could Save Your Pet's Life


1. Fetch is Adventure Ready.

Adventure ready. Live life untethered.

- Waterproof
- No batteries or charging
- No subscription or SIM Card required
- Silent, Silicone Construction
- Scratch-Resistant Finish
- Not damaged by magnets

The Fetch is a new way to collar your furry friend. Technology to make sure you're never out-of-reach if they run off.

It works by connecting to an encrypted NFC chip.

Have peace of mind in an emergency.


2. Easy to set up, use, share.

Setting up Lifekey is a breeze - just download the Lifekey app and create a free account.

Lifekey is compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS 11 or newer.

Add your pets information like:

- Vaccinations
- Emergency Contact
- Veternary Contact
- Health data for your pet to access anytime


3. There's no app, just tap.

Whether your pet is an ambitious adventurer or little lap lover, Fetch® is designed for the both of you.

When your pet is found and their tag is scanned, you'll get an instant notification and GPS location of your pet's whereabouts

Smartphones with NFC capability can scan Lifekeys without the assistance of an app.

The device will load the Public Lifekey Profile Page in an emergency or otherwise.


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Multiple Colors or Styles

Pick the color that best matches your pet. With 8 colors to choose from, match your pet's Fetch tag with your own Lifekey smart strap.

Lifekey In An Emergency

The Lifekey symbol and ICE white color has been designed to serve as an indicator. When scanned with a smartphone, the device will load the Lifekey Profile and data immediately

Multiple Device Ready

We've designed Lifekey to work as a wearable ecosystem. Whether you have 1 dog or many. Every device is accessible via the Lifekey app.


Control Your Information

If you've chosen to lock your profile, only your basic information will be displayed. The user will need to "Request Permission" to access additional health data.

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30-Day Full Refund Policy

If your Lifekey® device is not to your liking at this point and you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us for a refund or exchange. You may do this anytime within 30 days of the ship date (defined as: “shipping confirmation date” on a confirmation email sent to you).