The wearable you’ve been waiting for.

Lifekey puts the power of technology into a silent, comfortable, fabric wristband that does just what you need it to and nothing more. Safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones without the distractions.

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Lifekey securely stores personal medical info and provides instant access and notifications to your contacts in an emergency with just a tap from a smartphone.

Tap to Activate

Tap with your smartphone to let family and friends know when and where you start an activity — like running, biking, or backpacking. Tap when you’re done to let your followers know you’re safe and sound.

Safety Mode

Once you start an activity, if something happens, your Lifekey functions as an important medical companion that can be accessed to notify emergency contacts or provide vital health data when it’s needed most. 

A Medical I.D.

Store and provide access to:

• Medical Allergies
• Health Conditions
• Prescriptions and Dosages
• Insurance Information
• Emergency Contacts
• Primary Physician
• Custom Notes

Tap OS
Contextual Based Technology

Tap™ OS, our proprietary operating system, enables your wearable devices to function differently depending on the context. For example, when you're on a run, Lifekey can serve as a helpful companion in an emergency.  By combing data like your private and public keys, location, activity and other factors, Lifekey performs automated tasks without direct user input.

Secure Data

Lifekey is based on blockchain technology which uses private and public "keys" to manage access to data. Your private key (unique ID) is stored in the cloud and is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Your devices also use unique keys for identification. Lifekey technology was also developed to be HIPAA compliant.

Privacy Protection

Lifekey wearables use passive NFC technology. The wearable generates power to transmit data only when in contact with a smartphone (at approx 1 cm or less). So, devices can't be tracked and data cannot be accessed from a distance without your approval. You can also easily disable any of your wearable devices wearable from the Lifekey app.

Personal ID

Lifekey privately stores your personal info and medical data which you can "tap to access" and share from a smartphone.

Family Connection

When a Lifekey is scanned, the location is broadcast to your connections. Check-in with family or get notified in an emergency.

Emergency Dispatch

Your medical details can be transmitted digitally to an agent who dispatches first responders to your exact GPS location in an emergency.