Tap to ____.

We’re big believers in the power of technology to solve problems and overcome challenges. With Lifekey, it’s our mission to provide safety and security, accomplish everyday tasks, and connect you in a more invisible way to the things that matter most.

We're connecting the physical world with the digital, enabling better communication and unprecedented data access for active people. This is the dawn of the Personal Data Interface and it starts right here.

Lifekey uses the same built-in smartphone technology that is used for mobile payments. However, we’re pushing this technology to accomplish things it’s never done before through a combination of Tap OS, our proprietary operating system, and an ecosystem of wearable devices.

With the Lifekey Tap app, you can use your phone to interface with tap-enabled devices powered by Lifekey.

Lifekey Tap unlocks your phone's superpowers by enabling you to interface with physical products with just a tap. Access data and check-in with family or friends using Lifekey wearable devices or activate tap-enabled products from one of our many brand partners on the Tap OS platform — all without batteries or charging.

• CONNECTED FAMILY: Did Cooper make it to practice? Check-in with family and friends with just a tap or share a moment by including a photo and a note from your current location. Lifekey puts peace of mind and security at your fingertips while protecting your loved ones.

• SAFETY AND WELL BEING: Take a proactive approach to your safety with Lifekey. Store, protect, and give temporary access to your personal medical profile when it's needed most. Dispatch first responders to your GPS location with just a tap. Designed to work with Lifekey Wearables like Smart Straps, Helmet Patches and more. Ideal for families, athletes, and kids.

• GIVE PETS A VOICE: Tap a Fetch™ Smart Pet Tag with your phone and you'll notify that pet's owner of their whereabouts. You'll also get instant access to the pet's human contact and vet records.

• TAP TO ____: We now Tap to Pay, but what will we Tap to do next? With Tap OS, our proprietary operating system, you'll be able to activate and access a new world of functionality from tap-enabled products anywhere you see the Tap logo.

Learn more at https://usetap.app

Supported features may vary across devices, phones, and countries. Tap OS is not available in certain countries and languages.

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