Instant access to your personal health data when it's needed most.


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Take a proactive approach to your health data with the Lifekey app and Lifekey™ Connect. You'll be able to store, protect, and give temporary access to your personal health data when it's needed most — especially in an emergency.

Our system of Smart Wearables is designed for all walks of life and built for all kinds of environments. Whether it's a visit to your doctor or an emergency situation, Lifekey is ready with important data like medical allergies, blood type, prescriptions, insurance information and more.

Lock your Lifekey data and grant permission from your smartphone. In an emergency, we'll alert your emergency contact, like a family member, who can grant temporary access to this vital information. We'll also send them your location whenever your Lifekey is accessed.

Lifekey prepares you for anything and puts you in control of everything.