A new breed of wearable

Lifekey puts the power of technology into a silent, comfortable, fabric wristband. Tap it with your smartphone for quick access to personal info like medical details and emergency contacts.

There's no app needed for others to scan your Lifekey device.

Adventure Ready

Tap your Lifekey and choose an activity. We’ll share your adventure, along with your location, to your family and friends to give them peace of mind so they don't have to worry.

Built for Adventure
Smart Pet ID

Tap to access contact details and get notified with GPS location when your pet is found. It's stylish, durable and doesn't need batteries or charging.

In the news

"Help your friends prepare their pooches for the trail..."

"Protect your dog with smart tech while camping or out hiking the trail."
— Forbes

"A step up from a microchip."

— Parents

Attachables and accessories

Turn your helmet, jacket, or other equipment into a connected wearable with Lifekey.

How it Works

Lifekey Tap uses the same technology we use to pay with our smartphones (It's called NFC). Simply hold the phone or "tap" it to the Lifekey device to access data, send notifications, location and so much more!

tap OS™

Tap is our proprietary operating system. It enables your wearable devices to function differently depending on things like your private and public keys, location, activity and other factors, Lifekey even performs automated tasks without your input.

A Wearable Ecosystem

We're working with the best, most respected brands in the world to put Lifekey technology into products like active wear, work wear, equipment and more. Tap for more...soon!

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