Tap to Run

Drop a pin and notify family and friends when you hit the trail.

Tap to Fetch

Get the GPS location of your pet when someone finds them.

Tap to ________

Choose your adventure and share it with friends.
tap OS™

The platform powering a new, quieter world of wearable tech.

A Wearable Ecosystem

We're working with the best, most respected brands in the world to put Lifekey technology into products like active wear, work wear, equipment and more.

I solo in the backcountry on my feet, snowshoes, mtn bike and touring skis all the time. Lifekey is a welcome new addition to my safety protocols. It's so simple, it's genius.

Dennis E.

I love this product! I have life threatening allergies, but dont like to wear the alert bracelet. Don't mind wearing Lifekey at all! It's comfy and stylish ...... I really love it ❤

Becky E.