Lifekey uses the same technology we all use in our payment cards and mobile phones to tap and pay at checkout.



Activate Your Lifekey

Download the free Lifekey app. Open the app, tap your Lifekey device, and follow the simple activation instructions. You can set up a single account or add multiple people and Lifekey devices to one account.

Add Your Personal Identification

At its most basic functionality, Lifekey can provide general information about you, your family members, and even pets. Add details like name, birth date, and contact information. It's up to you how much you want to make available. When a device is scanned, we'll notify you immediately.

Protected Personal Health Data

Lifekey takes the medical ID bracelet to an entirely new level by giving you the ability to manage all kinds of health data like blood type, allergies, prescriptions, insurance information and much more. And, all data you provide can be locked down — only to be accessed with your temporary permission.

Scan Your Lifekey Wearables

When a Lifekey device on your account is scanned, you will be immediately notified and updated with the GPS location of the device. If your son or daughter sustains an injury playing sports, for example, you will receive a notification when someone, like a coach or care provider scans their Lifekey for emergency contact or family doctor information.

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