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Smart Straps are equal parts accessory and sophistication, and in this case, it can even save your life. Lifekey® holds important data and connects you with friends and family with just a tap.

Our latest generation Smart Straps are waterproof, comfortable, and durable enough for every adventure in any condition.  The best part? Smart Straps don't require batteries or charging to work.


      Store and provide secure access to important info including blood type, allergies, medical conditions and other relevant data.

      Tap with your smartphone to let family or friends know when you start/stop an activity like walking, running, sports and more.

      Device and data are encrypted and can only be accessed by direct "tap" from a smartphone. Designed to be HIPAA compliant.

      Contacts are notified whenever data on the device is accessed.

      - Waterproof
      - No batteries or charging
      - No subscription required
      - Powered by Lifekey® Tap® OS
      - Compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS 11 or newer (iPhone 7 and above).

      Anytime, one time warranty.
      If you have any trouble or are not completely satisfied with your Lifekey® device, we’ll replace it for free.
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      Bands are elastic, so they're stretchy!

      X-Small 5.3 inches | 135mm (~Youth under 12)

      Small 5.9 inches | 160mm (Fits snug on smaller wrists)

      Medium6.3 inches | 180mm (Fits most wrists)

      Large 7.8 inches | 200mm (For larger wrists or looser fit)

      Width: less than an inch | 25mm
      (Slims 15mm)

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      Provide instant access to your important info and contacts

      Lifekey® sends your GPS location instantly when tapped

      Store as much emergency info as you'd like - Update your info whenever necessary

      Connect your whole family with the Lifekey® Tap® app

      Info is secure and you can require permission to access

      For less $$$ than engraved metal bracelets

      * Requires a cell phone (just like the old engraved bracelet) 

      The wearable we’ve been waiting for.

      Lifekey® puts the power of technology into a silent, comfortable, wearable that does just what you need them to do and nothing more. Get safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones without the distractions. Check-in with family, share moments with friends, and provide important info in an emergency.

      “Peace of mind when texting or calling isn’t an option.”

      “As a DJ/Producer, my schedule is always changing and occasionally puts me in different time-zones than my wife. Lifekey gives us peace of mind when texting/calling isn't an option.” — DJ Roueche

      “Our Favorite Trail Tech

      “Simple and battery-less, these light and comfortable elastic band digital IDs are wearable devices that contain your vital data and are able to connect you with friends and family.”

      — Trail Runner


      Connect a Lifekey® to your unique profile. Link to your contact details including social links, phone and email. You can also add custom messages.


      Tap your Lifekey® and choose an activity. We’ll share your adventure, along with your location at that moment, to your family and friends to give them peace of mind so they don't have to worry.


      Store and provide permission-based access to personal medical info in an emergency. You decide what to make available when it matters most.


      Lifekey® is designed for what matters most. Connect your account to other family members or create managed profiles for your kids, pets and important items.

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      Smart Strap FAQ's

      • Is my profile data secure?

        Lifekey® is based on blockchain technology and uses private and public "keys" to manage access to data. Your private key (unique ID) is stored in the cloud and is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Your devices also use unique keys for identification. Lifekey technology is also developed to be HIPAA compliant.

        Will it work without cell service?

        The consumer version of Lifekey requires an internet connection to send/receive information. Data is encrypted and stored in the cloud.

        Is it waterproof?

        Yes, all Lifekey® devices are designed and built to withstand outdoor pursuits, as well as daily uses.

      • Is there a warranty?

        You bet! Check out our support page for details on our Anytime, one time warranty!

        Does someone need the app to scan my smart strap?

        There is no app needed to scan and access a Lifekey. Older iPhones (from 2016 and prior) may require an app to scan. iPhone 7 is the first iPhone with NFC capability.

        An app is required to setup your own device or a device you manage.

        Is my phone compatible?

        iOS 11 and iPhone 7 and up are compatible with Lifekey. iPhone 7 was the first iPhone that had the capability to read NFC outside of Apple Pay.

        Lifekey®will work with most Android phones. However, there are a few exceptions that include less popular phones. See this list.

      • Is this a tracking device?

        Lifekey® wearables use passive NFC technology. The wearable generates power to transmit data only when in contact with a smartphone (at approx 1 cm or less). So, devices can't be tracked and data cannot be accessed from a distance without your approval. You can also easily disable any of your wearable devices from the Lifekey® app.

        Does it need to be charged?

        Nope. Lifekey® harnesses its energy from a smartphone when it is tapped. You'll never have to replace batteries or recharge!

        Are there any health risks?

        Lifekey® devices with NFC technology use the low-end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The waves coming from readers are no more dangerous than the waves coming to your car radio.