Las Vegas, January 9, 2024 — Lifekey, Inc., a digital identity and wearable technology company, proudly announces its acquisition of LetsRolo, Inc., a digital business card and micro CRM software solution based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone for both Lifekey and LetsRolo, combining their expertise to offer unparalleled digital networking and customer relationship management tools. Lifekey, known for its innovative wearable technology, aims to revolutionize the way individuals connect and interact in the digital realm.

LetsRolo has been instrumental in streamlining networking processes for professionals across various industries. Their intuitive solutions have empowered users to manage contacts efficiently and foster meaningful connections in an increasingly digital landscape.

"We are thrilled to bring LetsRolo into the Lifekey ecosystem," said Jason Kintzler, Founder and CEO of Lifekey. "This acquisition gives our users —  whether individuals or teams —  new ways to connect and leverage their personal networks."

“We’re incredibly proud of the milestones LetsRolo has achieved, a testament to our dedicated team and the partnership with my co-founder, Dan Steele. The Nevada startup ecosystem has been a cornerstone of our journey, providing support and fostering our growth. As LetsRolo transitions to Lifekey’s ownership, Dan and I are thrilled to witness the future unfold. We are confident that Lifekey will propel the mission we started to new heights, innovating within the digital identity and networking realms. It’s with great anticipation that we watch how LetsRolo evolves, enhancing the lives of users and shaping the industry’s future.” said Piotr Tomasik, Founder of LetsRolo. 

The acquisition is part of Lifekey’s focus on the digital side of their business, which is expected to usher in new technologies and functionality, while adding additional recurring revenue to the business. 

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About Lifekey:
Lifekey, a pioneering wearable technology, is building a wearable super wallet that holds 10 times more than an ordinary wallet  — all without batteries or charging. Lifekey enables people and their families to manage money, identity, business credentials, and safety in a secure, digital wallet.

Written by Jason Kintzler

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