Meet the Digital Pet ID that's as smart as it is stylish.
Digital ID
Fetch Pet ID

The first tap-enabled pet tag is here.

More than a Microchip

Lifekey Tap technology turns the traditional dog tag into a smart pet ID that can store your pet's contact information, health data, and notify you when it's scanned. Think of it like a microchip that anyone with a smartphone can access (not just a vet). And, unlike those embedded microchips, Fetch isn't invasive -- it's safe, quiet, and provides new peace of mind to you and your favorite pet! 🐶

No Bluetooth

Better than Bluetooth

Unlike Bluetooth trackers, Fetch works anywhere, not just within 200ft of your phone. There are no batteries to charge and nothing dangerous inside (like a battery) that your dog could ingest! Best part?! There's no app needed when someone finds your pet! 🙌

How it Works


Simply hold your smartphone on the smart tag to unlock important information. There is no app required. Fetch uses the same technology we use to pay with our phones.


When your pet's smart tag is scanned, you're contact information is shared and you'll be notified instantly of their GPS location so you can fetch them.


Fetch™ makes it possible for someone who finds your pet to easily reach you and share your pet's location from anywhere on the map.

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"a step up from a microchip"
"A must-have for pet owners."