Fetch for Kahoots

Wearable tech for pets

Fetch Smart Pet Tags

How it works

Fetch is the world's first smart pet tag. Using the same technology we use to pay with our phones, Fetch enables anyone who finds your pet to access your contact details with just a tap of their smartphone. At the same time, you'll receive a notification on your phone with your pet's GPS location. 

Tap for Home

Tap the tag to notify the owner and access important info like contact details and vet records.

More affordable and convenient than chipping pets."

The Weekly, Outdoor Retailer

Fetch will come in a variety of flavors starting with our Fetch 1.0 Collection which includes four bold styles.


We're committed to educating consumers at Point of Sale, through packaging and via our mobile app. 

Customer Support

With our deep expertise in software development and support, we're at the ready to answer customer inquiries and guide them through questions.

A perfect match for Kahoots

We're about connecting families and their pets like never before. It's wearable technology when it matters most.
Kahoots Pricing
MSRP $24.95

Fetch carves out a new segment in pet ID. Wedged in between the traditional engraved tags and expensive pet trackers.  

Wholesale $11.00

Your margin on fetch is greater than keystone.

Assortment $300 and $528

Our POP assortment comes stocked with the most popular Fetch smart tag styles. The smaller POP holds 24 pcs while the larger POP holds 48 pcs.


Glynn Montemayor