This could change everything.

It's here. Now is the time we take a proactive approach to our healthcare and we believe we have the key. Lifekey lets you store, protect, and give temporary access to your personal medical data when it's needed most, especially in an emergency.

Our system of smart wearables is designed for all walks of life and built for all kinds of environments. Whether it's a visit to your doctor or an emergency situation, Lifekey is ready with important data like medical allergies, blood type, prescriptions, insurance information and more.

Lock your Lifekey data and grant permission from your smartphone. In an emergency, we'll alert your emergency contact, like a family member, who can grant temporary access to this vital information. We'll also send them your location whenever your Lifekey is accessed.

Lifekey prepares you for anything and puts you in control of everything.


Lifekey is a lifestyle technology built for the IoT (internet of things).  With one touch, we're connecting the physical world with the digital, enabling better communication and unprecedented data access for active people.

Health and Safety
Lifekey empowers front line responders with immediate access to personal safety information like emergency contacts, medical info, and all kinds of other data  — especially in emergencies. When activated by a responder, Lifekey can notify your emergency contacts and push your location to them instantly.

Lifekey is meticulously designed to withstand the rigors of active people. From durable, waterproof materials to functional, fashionable designs, Lifekey Wearables provide the wherewithal and technical style you require.

Who uses Lifekey?

We developed Lifekey with the goal of safety, security, and peace of mind for active people including families and their pets.

For Active Outdoor Lifestyles
For many of us, getting outside means getting away — and that means we're putting ourselves at risk — whether we're alone or with friends or family. Lifekey enables first responders, or even friends, to access important information in worst case scenarios.

For Kids
Children of all ages can benefit from Lifekey wearables. Load their emergency contacts like parents and family doctor onto their Lifekey to provide access to teachers, coaches, or medical providers in an emergency. You'll be notified when their Lifekey is accessed and updated with their location instantly.

For Seniors
As we age, our medical information becomes more abundant and access more important. Lifekey provides caregivers and medical professionals instant access to important data like prescriptions, allergies, and more all protected with permission-based access.

For Competitors and Pros
For competitive people and professionals, Lifekey is a must since your level of risk is higher than your average person. Go deeper with the amount of emergency medical data you provide to ensure you have all your bases covered if things go south.

For Teams
Instead of carrying folders of paperwork including medical release forms and emergency contact info to every game or match, simply adhere a Lifekey Patch to each player's uniform and have personal data accessible on-board, at a moment's notice. 

For the Employers
Protect your investment in workforce by providing Lifekey wearables to your employees working out of the office and in the field. Get access to emergency contacts and medical info at the moment you need it.

For Pets
Use Lifekey on your pet's collar (not in their skin). The person who finds them will be provided with your contact information and you'll get immediate notification and location when their Lifekey tag is scanned.