What can Fetch® do?

• Provide owner contact details
• Give access to preferred vet in an emergency
• Store important info like vaccination records or pet insurance
• Instant notification with GPS location when tapped
• And, we're adding more functionality all the time!

What about those QR Code tags?

QR codes work for menus, not for playful pups. It's an older technology that relies on printing or paint and can easily degrade from tags over time. To scan, you'll need to hold steady and likely be required to enter long ID numbers and PINs to make them work (since they're not individually serialized). Lastly, we polled our canine focus groups and they don't think QR codes are very flattering either. 🐾

Is this a dog tracker?

No. Fetch® is a smart, digital ID tag. When someone finds your lost pet and taps on the tag, you'll receive a notification on your phone with the GPS location of your pet.

Better than Bluetooth?

Unlike Bluetooth trackers, Fetch® works anywhere, not just within 200ft of your phone. There are no batteries to charge and nothing dangerous inside (like a battery) that your dog could ingest! Best part?! There's no app needed when someone finds your pet! 🙌

Is there a warranty?

You bet! Checkout our support page for details on our Anytime, one time warranty!

More than a microchip?

Lifekey® Tap® technology turns the traditional dog tag into a smart pet ID that can store your pet's contact information, health data, and notify you when it's scanned. Think of it like a microchip that anyone with a smartphone can access (not just a vet). And, unlike those embedded microchips, Fetch® isn't invasive -- it's safe, quiet, and provides new peace of mind to you and your favorite pet! 🐶 

Does it need to be charged?

Nope. Fetch® harnesses its energy from a smartphone when it is tapped. You'll never have to replace batteries or recharge!